Weaving Data Into Wider Value

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 Leverage the power of data mesh with Informatica, Wipro and Snowflake

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Ask any organization what they base strategic decisions on and most will say that they are data‐driven. Though many are on the path to data‐driven management, only a few have recognized — much less addressed — inherent weaknesses in the way their data platforms have been engineered.

Having a robust data architecture is essential for delivering actionable insights, but navigating the data lakes and other huge, centralized repositories can be a huge challenge. As the number of data sources increase, use cases expand, and demand for access grows, the challenges multiply quickly.

Lack of data ownership clarity is a common issue, while dissonance and misunderstanding between source‐system vendors, data platform developers, and business users who want access to analytics of their own, can all combine to cloud the picture even further. 

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