Old school anonymization is out, synthetic data is in

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The world is changing, and anonymous data is not anonymous anymore.

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The volume of data collected and used throughout organizations is increasing at a staggering pace. In the last ten years, we have seen a 5000% growth in the amount of data collected.

Due to these oceans of data and to the fact that data access is now necessary for every corner of an organization, the focus from data leak prevention needs to shift to risk mitigation. For CISOs and data governance professionals, it’s imperative to understand the shortfalls of different anonymization techniques and to be able to challenge the status quo of in-house anonymization practices.

Read this eBook to find out all you need to know about data anonymization in 2021, including:

  • Why classic anonymization methodologies are no longer working
  • How privacy promosing technologies are failing 
  • How synthetic data can offer a way out of the dilemma