As the ones responsible for recovering from outages, infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros have successfully managed recoveries from all failures but one: ransomware.

Ransomware attacks do not result in the familiar type of outage; they often put the backup infrastructure itself under siege.

It’s not about just recovering from a backup; I&O pros need to work closely with their security and risk (S&R) peers to ensure that they are recovering from an uninfected copy.

Together, they can deploy four technologies to improve resilience against ransomware.

Key Takeaways

Lack Of Visibility Adds To I&O’s Woes

I&O pros have tools and technologies to quickly recover from any backup instance, but they have no way to identify the most recent backup copy that also remains uninfected.

Add Four Technologies To Your Arsenal To Boost Confidence And Recoverability

I&O pros must use proactive strategies and combine four technologies: write once, read many (WORM) storage; data resiliency solutions; immutable file systems; and multifactor authentication.

These technologies are not new; I&O pros use them to meet a variety of business requirements. Employ these technologies to improve your confidence and recoverability after ransomware attacks.

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