Executive Summary: ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year In Review 2021

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Get what you need to know quickly to protect your critical assets by reading the Executive Summary of the 2021 ICS/OT Year in Review.


The industrial cyber threat landscape is constantly changing with new adversaries, vulnerabilities, and attacks that put operations and safety at risk.

The last year has seen a number of dramatic stories develop that involved cyberattacks against high-profile ICS and OT targets. Alongside important industry-wide statistics about the threat landscape, the risk posture across ICS organizations, and the OT vulnerabilities observed in 2021, Dragos offered insight and context in the 2021 Year in Review about the most important headlines.

This Executive Summary of the 2021 ICS/OT Year in Review report provides data-driven insights that add context to the sensational stories and evidence from the field of how industrial organizations are progressing in their cybersecurity readiness and where they need to continue their work to provide safe and reliable operations into 2022 and beyond.