An Agile Approach to Reduce Privacy Risk and Earn Customer Trust

Informatica Intelligent Data Privacy

Traditional data protection is sinking under the perfect storm of constant data change, accelerating data speed, and surging data volume—and the customer backlash is rising.

Seven out of ten global consumers are prepared to boycott companies they believe don’t take data protection seriously. More than 20 percent of US consumers say they’ll never return to a brand that has suffered a data breach.

That’s more than a compliance issue. It’s a business crisis.

Informatica Intelligent Data Privacy

Download your copy of “Intelligent Data Privacy” to learn how to implement a continuous, holistic process of data privacy that adapts to shifting priorities and changing threats:

  • Develop policies and rules for accountability and transparency
  • Discover and classify sensitive data and map it to identities
  • Model and evaluate data risk across data stores, locations, and policies
  • Implement tools that automate data protection, incident response, and compliance and risk monitoring

Your customers, employees, and partners expect you to handle their data ethically and responsibly at all times. Get your eBook and find out how an agile approach lets you meet that expectation however the data privacy landscape evolves.