Where are you on the Data Provisioning Maturity Model?

Privitar 13.07 Data Provisioning

The data provisioning maturity model acts as both a measuring stick and common framework for organizations to help illustrate what is needed to understand and ultimately improve their data protection program.

Privitar 13.07 Data Provisioning

On-Demand Webinar Summary

Join Privitar’s VP of Privacy Ecosystem & Special Projects, Nick Curcuru, as he demonstrates how the model allows an organization to quickly identify improvement areas, take fast short term actions to improve, and do this all while keeping the value of their data in focus.

After this session, you’ll feel empowered to use the data provisioning maturity model as a foundation, allowing you to:

  • Create a common framework and language to help communicate to the organization
  • Quickly identify improvement areas
  • Define a strategy and goals for improving data provisioning in your organization
  • Provide a standard to help measure progress and resolve conflicts