Wait a minute, whose data is that?! Uncovering your biggest data governance, security and privacy risks

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In order to establish effective governance, privacy, or security programs, you first need to truly understand your data. What data do you store? Who owns it? Where is it located? Who has access to it? What regulations apply to it? Can you quickly and easily respond to data requests? Without a robust data inventory and understanding these types of questions, there is a limited chance of success achieving any Legal GRC objective.

On-Demand Webinar Summary

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Strong data governance involves getting the right people, processes and technologies in place that are needed to manage and protect the organisation’s data assets. It forms the basis for effective Legal GRC practices and makes the efficient use of trustworthy data possible.

Join Exterro and industry leaders on this webinar to explore:

  • The importance of a robust data inventory
  • Discussion around key people, process, and technology considerations, including collaboration, legacy technologies, data retention and automation
  • How to future-proof your data and Legal GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) efforts