TRUST with Data Mesh

Informatica 20.04

Do you want to empower your organization with access to trusted data but struggle to govern and manage data at sufficient speed and scale? Advances in data and cloud technology have addressed elements of data volume and processing power but having consistent agility to respond to change is a growing challenge.

On-Demand Webinar Summary

Informatica 20.04

Join our roundtable discussion, “TRUST with Data Mesh,” to hear data mesh evangelists from Informatica, Wipro and Snowflake explore why data mesh is now recognized as a transformative process to address these challenges — delivering distributed data access, analytics and data governance with new domain-oriented, decentralized data ownership and architecture.

Hear insights into their proven collaboration to learn how data mesh can help you TRUST (Think, Respond, Use, Scale, Trust) your data architecture and governance estate.