​Terrorism financing: How to assess, investigate and report on TF risks

Blackdot 03.02

In this webinar we will explore the changing nature of terrorism financing and the ways in which violent extremist groups are raising, using and moving their funds.

On-Demand Webinar Summary

Blackdot 03.02

Key Takeaways:

• Twenty years on from 9/11, efforts to mitigate terrorist financing are having a limited impact.

• Obligated institutions such as banks are required to identify and report possible patterns of terrorist financing (TF) activity with the aim of excluding terrorists from the financial system. However, the shifting nature of TF behaviour means that spotting it is like a ‘needle in a haystack’.

• In this webinar, we will discuss how investigators in financial institutions can improve their ability to assess, investigate and report on TF risks. We will start by examining the latest trends and typologies, will move to an assessment of the challenges faced by FIs and will finish by discussing how Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can play a part in finding connections and information on individuals and organisations of concern.