Data volumes are increasing exponentially, and companies need seamless and trustworthy technology that will enable them to keep track of their data sources and know what PII is there.

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Thursday 7th July 2022

Event Timings:

EDT: 11am - 12pm

BST: 4pm - 5pm

CEST: 5pm - 6pm 


This webinar will be discussing how businesses can keep up with evolving data flows and regulations in 2022 and beyond; and why the future is with no-code, fast-to-set-up automated data mapping tools that reduce privacy and security risks, simplify privacy rights fulfilment, and save precious resources.

Meet the Speaker:

Kobi Nissan

Co-Founder and CPO, Mine

Kobi Nissan is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry (Saban ventures, 10+ investments). Nissan brings over a decade of experience in product strategy (Accenture), business intelligence, business development, and behavioral economics (Candy Crush’s- King Digital Entertainment) and holds an MBA from INSEAD.