It’s the beginning of 2023, and the privacy ecosystem and digital world are changing rapidly and are merging closer together. The combination of customer demands, privacy laws and technology changes are challenging teams to rethink leading-edge strategies.

Webinar Summary 

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Date: Tuesday, 21st February 2023 

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM GMT  

Format: 45-minute presentation, 15-minute live audience Q&A

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Instead of separating data, privacy, technology and marketing strategies, business leaders must treat these pillars as an interconnected ecosystem, synchronized from the ground up to reverse the fragmentation that exists in organizations today.

Join this session to gain insight into the latest privacy guidelines for processing data and how privacy teams paired with marketers can develop privacy-first marketing and business strategy to meet compliance requirements and deliver new and engaging user experiences that generate trust.

Meet the Speakers

Bally Lotay

Senior Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

Bally Lotay serves as a Senior Solutions Engineer at OneTrust, the Trust Intelligence Platform, unlocking every company’s value and potential to thrive by doing what’s good for people and the planet. OneTrust connects privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG teams, data, and processes, so all companies can collaborate seamlessly and put trust at the centre of their operations and culture. In his role, Bally supports the OneTrust Consent & Preference Management where he advises companies on how to drive engaging user experiences while building trust and demonstrate regulatory compliance.