Ransomware attacks are accelerating at unprecedented rates, morphing their variants to evade detection, and are now successful targeting your last line of defence - backup copies.

Join our industry experts for a threat briefing and the latest countermeasures being deployed to insulate and rapidly recover critical data helping you neutralise the most crippling of extortion threats.

Featured discussion topics:

  • Threat landscape and attack economics
  • How new variants are targeting backups
  • True data immutability to avoid malicious encryption
  • Data copies that can’t be eradicated or modified, even by you
  • Recover strategies to ensure data is available in mins and hours

Key Takeaways;

  • Evolution of Ransomware attack that are now targeting the data protection infrastructure
  • How such attacks can be mitigated using immutability and high-speed restore techniques
  • How theses features can be initiated without changing your existing data protection platform