Instant payments need instant screening

Napier 13.07 Instant payments

Everyday millions, if not billions, of transactions flow through the financial system. At the same time the consumer and commercial demand for instant payments is increasing, shrinking the transaction processing window.

Napier 13.07 Instant payments

On-Demand Webinar Summary

Global anti-money laundering and sanctions regulations place increasingly complex obligations on financial institutions, which require more evidence to support decisions and greater transparency of the technology used for screening.

Consumer demand for a seamless payment experience is also driving a need for instant payments.

But existing screening technology is currently only adequate for yesterday’s problems and yesterday’s smaller transaction volumes. It is fraught with high volumes of false positives and has challenges in scaling to the demands of tomorrow’s business needs.

Ultimately there is no assurance this technology is up to the task of supporting instant payments. But the reality is, instant payments need instant screening.

How can we achieve this:

  • Without compromising on financial crime compliance
  • Without compromising excellent standards of customer service
  • Without having to rip and replace entire technology stacks
  • And finally, keeping compliance costs in check?

In this webinar our AI experts share how financial institutions can enhance their screening technology with AI to reduce false positives by up to 40%.

Key takeaways for the audience:

  • Discover how to make screening faster to support instant payments
  • Understand how AI can reduce false positives in screening
  • Learn how to enhance an existing screening solution with an API to make screening more efficient