Identifying quick wins to enable data trust from an enterprise data governance program

Informatica 14.04 Identifying quick wins

The journey to data privacy governance is no easy task, especially when there is no vision of how data trust is connected to your business goals.

Informatica 14.04 Identifying quick wins

On Demand Webinar Summary: 

Many data leaders worldwide face immense challenges when driving value from data with unknown risk exposure. These hurdles include:

  • Managing business processes without accountability across overly-complex ecosystems with data silos
  • Lacking appropriate business insights
  • Enforcing standards for data quality and privacy

Challenges intensify more when attempting to attain data analytics efficiency, meet regulatory compliance, drive digital transformation for new revenue, and more. 

In this webinar, we will look at how data stewards, including both business and IT leaders, can identify quick wins that lead to building sustainable enterprise data governance programs with privacy and quality to enable trust. More importantly, enabling daily data consumers to become self-sufficient in their data use while exposing sensitive data, safely. The critical takeaway is to learn best practices through practical experiences from various enterprises across worldwide industries.