How to build limitless data governance – balancing digital opportunity and business risk

2909 Informatica

Post-pandemic, establishing and maintaining trust will be an important differentiator for employees, customers, and partners. 

2909 Informatica

On-Demand Webinar Summary

Organisations need to be mindful of their cloud data governance framework and strategy to meet data-focused regulatory compliance. Data misuse or breaches can irreversibly impact customer loyalty and market reputation.

So how can chief data officers, chief information security officers, compliance specialists, and line of business owners balance the need for greater data scalability, faster innovation, and perfectly timed customer experience against the need to manage governance and privacy risk?

Find out in this webinar, which brings together leaders in practical and strategic data governance and privacy from Informatica, Deloitte, and Snowflake to share real-world stories on:

  • Why limitless data governance drives business value
  • How data leaders can understand and avoid data constraints with an AI-powered platform to support the speed and scale of business
  • Building a no-limits cloud data governance framework and strategy for your organisation
  • Balancing digital opportunity and business risk by creating and enforcing granular data privacy controls at scale
  • How AI enables organisations to understand and manage innovation risk
  • How to make better connections in your data for faster, more accurate analytics