Handling Tricky Employee Subject Access Requests

Exterro 03.08 Handling tricky employee SAR

Being able to respond effectively to subject access requests (SARs) can be challenging, especially when they are complex requests from current or former employees.

Exterro 03.08 Handling tricky employee SAR

On-Demand Webinar Summary:

Often, SARs require handling a wide range of (often sensitive) data from all across the enterprise, perhaps even from different physical locations and IT systems across disperse geographical locations.

Whether it’s wading through the review process of tens or hundreds of thousands of emails, baring the (painful) cost of external counsel, or working with IT to ensure you have all the personal data you need from the various, tricky to collect/legacy/remote data sources, employee SARs can be an extremely challenging exercise to fulfil.

Join Exterro and industry experts on this webinar panel to discuss key considerations when responding to employee SARs and how technology can help fulfil complex requests. Notable points of discussion will include:

  • DSAR portal – managing the end-to-end DSAR lifecycle
  • Data discovery – have we collected all the data?
  • Document review – early data assessment to reduce volume (before collection) and optimise review process (including auto-redaction)