Data Retention and Records Management Under the CPRA

Exterro 18.03 CPRA

While the CCPA doesn’t explicitly address data retention and data minimization practices, California voters chose to expand their rights by passing the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) in November of 2020, which fills in those data retention and minimization gaps.

Exterro 18.03 CPRA

On-Demand Webinar Summary:

Starting in 2023, storing sensitive personal data that no longer serves a business purpose will be a penalty, and the California AG will be able to directly enforce the failure to minimize consumer data.

In this webcast, we’ll take a look at five key ways the CPRA creates a risk to organizations, and how altering and enforcing retention standards across the enterprise can help your organization maintain compliance and avoid regulatory fines.

You’ll learn:

• The impact CPRA will have on organizations and what legal teams need to consider now

• Data retention requirements and what this means for your organization

• How to best implement data inventory and minimization strategies in 2021 to protect your company’s data and your organization