The greatest threat to any business is the hidden data you don’t know about.

The expectation and obligation on how data is managed means a company can no longer treat data management as an afterthought. Every organization large and small must act with diligence and have defined structure and processes to ensure it not only meets its regulatory obligations but ever increasing expectations of its customers on how its data is managed and maintained.

Walk away from this obligation at your peril, there are significant consequences, either monetary, brand or market penalization when you don’t meet those expectations.

In this interactive session we’ll discuss:

  • How to rethink the often-flawed approach to meeting regulatory data and privacy standards
  • Spoiler alert: your own people were part of the problem
  • Lead any compliance or regulatory initiative with an evidence-based approach
  • Doing it for the long term - the obligation will still exist in 10 years Focusing on what matters to substantially reduce the risk of suffering a costly data breach.