Confident Breach Readiness: Why Log4j Highlights the Urgency of Data Encryption

Virtru 2601

As evidenced by the Log4j vulnerability, cyber attacks and data breaches are escalating in frequency, scope, and sophistication. Cyber attacks have now become a guarantee, especially for large organizations. How can enterprise technology leaders remain confident in their security posture when networks and systems are at risk of being compromised?

On-Demand Webinar Summary

Virtru 2601

In this discussion, Virtru’s data protection experts discuss how security leaders can strengthen their breach readiness by taking a data-centric, identity-focused approach to security, aligned with a SASE framework. They will also describe how organizations can effectively assess their vulnerabilities across the enterprise. They’ll offer recommendations and best practices for:

• Prioritize data-centric, identity-verifying means of protecting sensitive information

• Why encryption is an essential layer of a strong breach-readiness strategy, offering protection even when firewalls and network-focused security efforts fail

• Ensuring you capture the full picture of all data security vulnerability

• Advocating for data protection investment with C-Suite stakeholders

• Implementing a SASE-aligned strategy that puts data at the center while enabling speed of collaboration