Avoiding Enterprise Data Governance Project Pitfalls

FTI Consulting 15.06 Avoiding enterprise

While data governance will look different for every organization, there are a number of challenges that arise in most initiatives.

FTI Consulting 15.06 Avoiding enterprise

On-Demand Webinar Summary

If CDOs and other data governance stakeholders can plan for these and address them at the outset, their projects will have a much greater chance for success. Most projects lag due to resource fatigue, decision overload, assessment dead ends and lack of technical resources. Misalignment of roles and responsibilities is another major project pitfall.

In this webcast, hear from governance, privacy and compliance experts on how to position your organization to deal with these issues when they arise and ensure progress for the program.

Topics include: 

  • Departments and stakeholders responsible for managing company data
  • Focus areas where teams spend most of their time and resources
  • Common challenges and unexpected risks and deficiencies within an organization’s data management practices