Advances in facial recognition technology (FRT) has resulted in a massive expansion of both its use by law enforcement and private companies to identify people in public spaces. However, critics have been calling for strict controls or outright bans on the technology for years as it has serious data privacy concerns about mass surveillance.

In the past few weeks, big tech companies and some cities in the US have suspended the use of FRT. As part of our series on ethics, this panel will look at the concerns of this technology on mass surveillance in the current pandemic and whether the current bans will have any impact on its use across the world.

Hosted by:

  • Jenny Brennan (Researcher, Ada Lovelace Institute),
  • John Lloyd (Practice Lead, Securys), 
  • Nick Edwards (Editorial Director, Data Protection World Forum), 
  • Woodrow Hartzog (Professor of Law and Computer Science, Northeastern University)