Retailers from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce are increasingly aware of how crucial customer data is to staying competitive and meeting their financial goals. Shoppers across all channels are favoring those organizations that can offer a personalized, efficient shopping experience tailored to their interests. But in light of an increased number of data breaches being reported in recent years, these same customers are also experiencing heightened awareness of when and how their personal data is being used. 

Regulatory bodies are responding by tightening regulations across the globe, providing consumers with new ways to ensure their data is protected, increasing restrictions on when that data can be used and implementing stiff penalties when it is mismanaged or misused. In light of current events, timely access to data is more important than ever before, as consumer behavior adjusts to evolving governmental regulations.

Learn how these regulations are changing the way data can be utilized - and how to navigate the conflict between compliance with consumer protections, while still leveraging key data required to increase basket size, reduce customer churn, evaluating every part of the customer journey to enhance cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and personalizing each part of the customer experience. 

Audience Takeaways:  

  • Explore the ways in which customer data is leveraged to increase revenue and customer basket size 
  • Learn how personal customer data gathered by retailers is often no longer compliant with the growing number of regulations centered on consumer protection 
  • Understand how to still leverage that customer data to stay compliant in an industry where personalization is critical to reducing customer churn and increasing conversion rates