What happens when the unthinkable happens? What happens when your organisation is plunged into disarray at the hands of a cybercriminal and a ransomware attack?

How? Who? What? Why? When? All questions that will run through the heads of those in charge of your organisation’s defence against these exact threats.

Dealing with a ransomware can be costly, do you pay the ransom? What are the effects of the downtime? How do you manage the publicity and customer perception?

Joe Tidy, Cyber Security News Correspondent, BBC News will sit down with Halvor Molland, Senior VP, Communication & Public Affairs, Norsk Hydro and discuss What Happens when the Unthinkable Happens: Coping with Ransomware Attacks that Make the Headlines.

This virtual fireside chat will explore how Norsk Hydro dealt with a ransomware attack that cost the firm £45 million in March 2018.