US cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder and a number of its popular beauty labels, have successfully evaded a proposed class action alleging a severe breach of data privacy law.

The company was accused of breaking biometric privacy regulations in the US state of Illinois through its employment of a “try-on” function. The tool enables customers to upload a photo of themselves to the label’s platforms to see how beauty products might look.

Presiding over the case in Chicago, Judge Lindsay Jenkins ruled in favour of Estee Lauder’s request to reject the lawsuit, citing that the plaintiffs were not able to prove the organisation could link facial scans to individual customer identities.

The issue stands as a decisive element of biometric privacy law in Illinois, which regulates the harvesting and storing of personal data such as facial structure, eye scans and fingerprints. Judge Jenkins specified that customers have the option to submit a revised complaint.

Estee Lauder and its subsidiaries, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, and Too Faced, did not notify users that their biometric data might be collected through the “try-on” features, the allegations read. The legal action also implicated Taiwanese firm, Perfect Corp, which is behind the technology involved.

Judge Jenkins stated that the lawsuit’s four plaintiffs failed to demonstrate Estee Lauder’s ability to relate facial scans from virtual try-on widgets to individuals’ true identities. She also excluded Perfect Corp from the litigation, citing inadequate connections to Illinois for jurisdiction.

In Illinois, the Biometric Information Privacy Act came into being in 2008 to allow a private right of action to legally challenge mishandling of biometric data. The Act has given rise to thousands of cases, as well as a number of substantial settlements and verdicts; a stand-out judgement fell in 2020 when Facebook was hit by a $650 million levy to settle a BIPA class action concerning the use of facial recognition tools.

Know the risks

The Estee Lauder ruling is a sharp reminder of the vital importance of transparency, clear communication and user consent when it comes to compliant data processing. These issues are only going to become more complex as societies continue to embrace facial recognition software and other technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

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