Sunderland University has revealed that it has been hit by suspected cyber-attack which has resulted in “extensive IT disruption.”

cyber attack 1

On its official Twitter account, the University of Sunderland has announced that its telephone lines, website and IT systems are down, after experiencing IT problems yesterday. 

The problems has been described as showing “the hallmarks of a cyber-attack.”

Reported by local newspaper, the Sunderland Echo, online classes have been cancelled, and staff are facing difficulties accessing their emails. Additionally, the university’s official website remains down. 

The university has stated that it is currently working with the police to try and resolve the problem, and will continue teaching face-to-face: “We intend to continue face to face teaching as far as possible and will continue to update our staff and students, as well as continue working with the police.

“We take the security of our systems extremely seriously and we will resolve this as quickly as we can. We ask that prospective students direct message any inquiries in the meantime…”