Six schools have fallen victim to a ransomware attack which is now preventing staff from accessing their systems. 

According to the Isle of Wight Education Federation, its IT systems had been compromised last week, resulting in its data been encrypted. 

Affected schools were Carsibrooke College, Island 6th Form, Medina College, Barton Primary, Hunnyhill Primary and Lanesend Primary. All sites have been offline since Friday.

The federation has announced that they are working with officers from the police Cybercrime Unit and the Isle of Wight Council. 

A federation spokesman said: “There are obviously some significant implications of this, which we are managing and will take measures to secure our systems even further in the future.”

“We are working with the local Police and Authority, Department for Education, Cyber support and various ICT system providers to move this forward and ensure that necessary and appropriate systems are in place for the new academic year.”


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