Inside the mind of a criminal keynote at #RISK

Ex-prisoner Alex Wood’s life spiralled out of control, culminating in several years spent in prison for a number of dishonesty offences - everything from impersonating the 13th Duke of Marlborough to committing multi-million-pound cyber-crime.

Since his release from jail in early 2022, Alex has turned his life around and become an immensely powerful force in the Counter Fraud profession. 

Alex now is now a consultant to leading global financial institutions (including Tier 1 banks, insurance providers, law firms and risk experts such as Experian PLC)

Exclusively at #RISK London, join Alex Wood to gain unique insights into the ‘Fraud Mindset’ and the intricacies of sophisticated ‘social engineering’ techniques employed by criminals in the world of fraud.

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Alex Wood

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Keynote: Inside the mind of a criminal

Day 2, Thursday 19th October 2023, 13:00 - 14:00 BST


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