European subsidiaries of Toshiba Tec Group have become the latest victim of a DarkSide ransomware attack. 

Toshiba Tec Corporation revealed in a statement on Friday that upon discovering the attack, networks and systems operating between Japan and Europe were shut down to prevent the spread of damage. 

“The group is proceeding to identify the content and extent of the possible damage through conducting investigations by the outside specialised organization.” 

The group has not confirmed if any customer related information was leaked externally, however it did acknowledge some information and data may have been leaked by the criminal gang. 

According to Reuters, the DarkSide ransomware group was flagged as the culprit by a representative from Toshiba’s French subsidiary. 

“There are around 30 groups within DarkSide that are attempting to hack companies all the time, and they succeeded this time with Toshiba,” said Takashi Yoshikawa, a senior malware analyst at Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions.

It is believed that over 740GB of data, including passports and other personal information was compromised. The DarkSide’s leak site is currently not accessible. 

Just last week the ransomware group attacked the Colonial Pipeline, a company providing fuel supplies to most of the eastern United States. The attack forced the company to close down its operation for close to a week.