The Malaysian government will establish a more systematic command centre to oversee cyber security, said communications and multimedia minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah.

Though all government agencies have been working very well together, the centre is being set up to enhance the cybersecurity system in the country and bolster the agencies’ strengths. The centre’s secretariat will be at the National Security Council. 

“We have been looking at cyber security on a daily basis: monitoring issues, and prospective attacks within and from outside the country,” he was quoted as saying by the country’s media.

“And, as far as our understanding is concerned, our cyber security is stable. We are among the top ten countries in the world that are considered prepared as far as our cyber security strength is of concern.”

He cited the International Telecommunication Union’s Global Cybersecurity Index 2020 for the ranking.

Saifuddin was commenting after being asked what the government was doing to protect the security of government agency websites following recent reports about the risk of personal data leakage.


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