French health insurance company Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers (MNH) has disconnected from the internet following a ransomware attack.

Visitors to its website are greeted with a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a series of notes explaining the aftermath of the attack which happened at the start of the month.

The company says its technical teams are working round-the-clock with external specialists to secure its information system, members’ data and restore normal activity.

“The restoration process is long and tedious. However, the results obtained during the first stages of this project are encouraging,” MNH said.

The mutual insurance company disconnected its computer network and all applications to stop the spread of the micro-circuitry virus to protect members’, employees’ and partners’ data.

“We would like to renew our apologies to our members and our partners for the inconvenience caused and are doing everything possible to ensure that the reimbursements and services, due to our members, are again served as soon as possible,” said MNH, which is headquartered in Montargis, about 110 km south of Paris.

According to information security and technology journal Bleeping Computer, the company was targeted by a ransomware operation called RansomExx, which has been going since 2018 but became more active last June. Its high-profile attacks include Brazil’s government networks, the Texas department of transportation and camera manufacturer Konica Minolta.

Among topics covered by the FAQs on MNH’s website are how to obtain assistance following hospitalisation, what information might have been stolen in the cyberattack, how refunds will be made and how to obtain a certificate of contribution.

The company said: “We are committed to communicating transparently about developments in the matter.”

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