TrustedCloud, a cloud-based hosting service, has been compromised in a cyber incident, owner TPG Telecom said in an Australian Securities Exchange filing.

According to the company’s forensic experts, data from two business customers was accessed with no other clients affected as far as is known, the company added.

The attack was isolated to the standalone cloud service, which is separate from the company’s telecommunications networks and other systems.

“The incident has not impacted customers from any of our other brands, products or services,” TPG said.

It has engaged external cyber security experts to help manage the incident as well as notifying the two affected customers and relevant government authorities.

“We have introduced measures to improve the security of TrustedCloud … [and] have also increased the cyber security defences across our entire business,” it added.

TPG was already decommissioning TrustedCloud, acquired in 2011, and which uses legacy IT systems. The service, formerly called Wavenet, is scheduled to close at the end of August.


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