Corporate Energy Affairs Chief Advisor, EnergyUse Strategy Advisors

Robert is working on a number of thorny problems.

One is that many companies are seemingly unaware that they are building their ESG, net zero, and energy transition futures on sand. Boards and C-suites are dealing with the smoke. They are dealing with the flames. But the source of the fire is getting none of their attention. Does that need to change?

Another is that many institutional investors have a due diligence blindspot. They are not looking to see how robust an issuer’s energy use strategy is. They know that strategy is, by definition, forward looking, but when it comes to the energy half of ESG, they put most of their effort into looking at data from the past. Does that need to change?

Besides thinking, writing, and advising about CEA (corporate energy affairs), Robert has taught courses for leading business schools, sat on government boards, and presented keynotes at numerous conferences on CEA as it relates to manufacturing, real estate, transportation, data centres, green finance, HR, and governance,

He is the founder of Energyuse Strategy Advisors, a management consulting and advisory firm established to support boards and C-suites coming to grips with the ESG, climate change, and net zero mega transitions. He graduated from Cornell University.

Robert Allender

My Sessions

The Future of Corporate Energy Affairs Governance

8 March 2022, 07:30 - 08:00

Governance structures: Effectively making sure senior management is collectively responsible for the integration of sustainability

8 March 2022, 12:45 - 13:30


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