We’re excited to announce the launch of #RISK AI London, set to take place November 19, in partnership with GRC World Forums.

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#RISK AI London, 19th November 2024 - Book Your Tickets

An in-person event, #RISK AI London will present a ground-breaking exploration into how organisations can navigate the complex landscape of AI regulations while planning for long-term AI strategies.

Through a series of panel debates, presentations, and keynotes, #RISK AI London will focus on common themes in the regulatory landscape, such as Accountability, Privacy and Data Protection, Transparency, Bias, and much more.

The pressing issues in thought leadership will take centre stage as expert speakers debate strategies organisations can employ to balance AI innovation with AI governance.

Key sessions at #RISK AI London include…

Manage Risks Before They Manage You!

We delve into proactive risk management strategies, helping organizations anticipate and mitigate potential AI-related issues before they escalate. Learn about the importance of early detection and intervention in the realm of AI risk management.

AI Risks: What Directors and Officers Need to Know

Critical insights for company directors and officers on the specific risks associated with AI. This session will cover liability issues, regulatory compliance, and the strategic measures necessary to protect both the organization and its leadership from AI-related risks.

Understanding the AI Regulatory Landscape

Navigating the evolving AI regulatory environment is crucial for any organization. This session will break down current and upcoming regulations, providing a clear roadmap for compliance. It will also highlight how these regulations impact different sectors and the best practices for staying compliant.

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Speakers at #RISK London include…

Risk AI London 2024 speakers

A selection of #RISK AI London speakers

Pauline Norstrom, Founder and CEO, Anekanta AI

Pauline Norstrom is at the forefront of Responsible AI and biometrics risk management. Her work with Anekanta®AI aligns with the EU AI Act and international regulations, offering services across various sectors, including transportation and education.

Oliver Patel, Enterprise AI Governance Lead, AstraZeneca

Oliver Patel brings a decade of experience in AI governance, data privacy, and digital technology policy. At AstraZeneca, he leads initiatives to ensure responsible AI use, balancing innovation with stringent governance frameworks.

Victoria Guilloit, Director, CapGemini

With 20 years of cross-sector experience in information security and data privacy, Victoria Guilloit is a key figure in the industry. Her expertise spans investment banking, consumer goods, retail, and government, making her insights invaluable to the #RISK AI London attendees.

Caro Robson, Digital Legal, Risk and Compliance Expert

Caro is a seasoned leader and expert in data and technology regulation. She is a passionate advocate for ethical technology and data governance, and has worked in multiple jurisdictions across several sectors to design and embed practical solutions to these challenges.

Why attend #RISK AI London?

Risk AI London 2024

#RISK AI London attendees will obtain unique insight into the challenges and solutions on the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Discover how AI risks could affect your organization and its senior management. From company directors, senior managers, and GRC and cybersecurity leaders, to CFOs, and in-house counsels, chiefs must stay ahead of evolving regulations to ensure full compliance within their organizations.

Don’t miss this chance to engage with expert views, understand regulatory requirements, and learn about threats and opportunities associated with AI.

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