9th May 2024: A global livestream experience of editorial driven content, featuring over 80+ speakers across 20+ sessions , covering the most pressing and challenging topics from across AI, trust, data handling, privacy, ethics, compliance, risk and more…

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#RISK A.I. 9th May 2024 - A digital livestream experience

Mitigate the risks, maximise the benefits

  1. The generative AI landscape is evolving rapidly. 
  2. Concern around AI risks puts safety and compliance in the spotlight.
  3. Privacy and data handling practices are major issues as the market matures.

Generative AI holds much promise for enterprises of all sizes, but many organisations are ill prepared to cope with the associated limitations and risks.

This event will:

  • Explore global AI regulations.
  • Examine AI risk exposure.
  • Showcase potential AI use cases.
  • Help you accelerate your AI adoption, safely.
  • Demonstrate how AI can improve effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Deep-Dive into the Legal, Ethical and Technological Risks of AI.
  • Discuss why meaningful AI controls are necessary.
  • Illustrate how to build safe, secure, trustworthy AI systems.
  • Debate IP challenges & identify solutions.
  • Help you govern, map, measure and manage AI risks.

Who should attend?

GRC, Risk, Legal, HR, Finance Professionals, software engineers, founders, tech workers and business leaders, who need a clear understanding of the effects AI will have on all stakeholders including, customers, employees, and third-party relationships.

This exclusive event will delve deeper into the transformative power of AI in GRC, exploring key topics like:

  1. Creating a responsible AI enabled organization

  2. Bridging the gap between AI & Privacy Regulations

  3. Ethical AI practices and approaches, bias, transparency & trust

  4. Ensuring ROI and value from AI investment 

See the full Agenda Topics!

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Group Delegate Pass (£200 - Up to 4 People): Share the knowledge and experience with your team! This pass grants access to the livestream for up to four attendees from your organization, and full group access to on-demand post event.

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