Earlier this year, Geoffrey Hinton, known as the “godfather of AI,” left his role at Google after a decade so he could freely speak out about the risks of AI.

Whether these risks outweigh the opportunities is yet to be seen but there is little doubt that we are in ‘The Age of AI’ and organizations of all sizes need to understand exactly how they use AI and to ensure the technology is developed and deployed in a safe, responsible way.

As regulators play catch-up, they must ensure that they can deliver the benefits of AI while mitigating the risks with robust AI governance mechanisms.

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, “AI will have a more profound impact on humanity than fire, electricity and the internet.” And PWC estimates that AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion1 to the global economy in 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined.

Building on the strength of our existing communities we will be gathering some of the most influential subject matter experts together with, C-suite, Digital transformation. Legal, Privacy and GRC professionals, in Central London in June and virtually in March to share critical information, advice and showcase solutions.

According to a recent report from Foundry, the most pressing ethical considerations when implementing Gen AI are, Privacy concerns (37%), Security concerns (36%), and authenticity and trust (34%).


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Gen AI will impact every part of an organization, sales, customer service, marketing, finance, IT, legal, HR, ESG, privacy, security and perhaps, most importantly, ethics.

The overall responsibility for ensuring the AI system that is developed and deployed within your organization, or you procure from a third party undoubtedly rests with senior management and that’s probably you!

And yes, AI will help automate risk management and GRC processes, manage workflows, gather information but it will also come with significant third-party risk management (TPRM) challenges.

Brandon Purcell, vice president and principal analyst at the research firm Forrester says, “For most companies, the supply chain for AI is very long and complicated.”.

All of this and more will be on the agenda at #RISK A.I. Global

Risk AI Digital

Generative AI holds much promise for enterprises of all sizes, but many organisations are ill prepared to cope with the associated limitations and risks.

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#RISK A.I. will:

  • Explore global AI regulations.
  • Examine AI risk exposure.
  • Showcase potential AI use cases.
  • Help you accelerate your AI adoption, safely.
  • Demonstrate how AI can improve effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Deep-Dive into the Legal, Ethical and Technological Risks of AI.
  • Discuss why meaningful AI controls are necessary.
  • Illustrate how to build safe, secure, trustworthy AI systems.
  • Debate IP challenges & identify solutions.
  • Help you govern, map, measure and manage AI risks.

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