A ransomware attack against Boeing has left the aerospace giant suffering disruption to its parts and distribution business and locked in a cyberattack investigation.

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The incident came to light after the Lockbit cybercrime gang threatened to release sensitive data stolen from Boeing if the flight firm did not pay a ransom by November 2. Although it’s unclear whether Lockbit was responsible for the attack, the threat that was detailed on the gang’s website has now been taken down.

Boeing has emphasised that the incident has no impact on flight safety. However, the ransomware incident has caused certain webpages related to its Global Services division to be temporarily unavailable due to technical issues. 

The company is actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies to address the situation and has started notifying its customers and suppliers.

Lockbit, known as one of the most active global ransomware groups, specialises in encrypting victim organisations’ systems and stealing sensitive data for extortion. Even if the ransom is paid, there’s no guarantee that the stolen data won’t be leaked, cybersecurity experts say.  

The specific nature of the data stolen from Boeing remains undisclosed, raising concerns, especially if defence-related information is compromised. Boeing’s cooperation with law enforcement and ongoing investigations is expected to shed light on the extent of the breach and its potential implications.

Ransomware has become an increasingly popular tactic for bad actors in recent times, but the method is now even more dangerous because it’s available to those willing to pay. Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) allows services to be contracted by anyone, with a fee being charged on the value of all ransoms. It represents an especially lucrative source of illicit income for criminal organisations.

Speaking exclusively to GRC World Forums, IT Security leader, Igor Gutierrez offers guidance on how organisations can avoid falling victim to such attacks.

“The focus is on reducing the attack surface and making attacks on your environment increasingly expensive to the point of discouraging criminals from targeting your company,” Igor says.

“Using Digital Risk Protection tools that monitor your company’s information on the DarkWeb and OSINT is an important step in understanding how exposed your company is. Having complete visibility of your infrastructure is essential,” Igor adds.

Know the risks

Boeing’s ransomware incident freshly underscores the evolving challenges posed by ransomware to major corporations, reminding us of the need for robust cybersecurity measures across industries.



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