Data privacy is a complex and ever-evolving issue, with new challenges emerging all the time.

Global Privacy Day

Empowering Individuals, Ensuring Trust: Advancing Data Privacy in the Digital Age…Think Privacy First

Current & Future Challenges include: 

The convergence of data sources

As more and more devices and services collect data about individuals, the amount of data that can be linked to a single individual is increasing. This makes it easier to identify and track individuals, raising concerns about surveillance and privacy.

The use of data for social scoring

There is a growing trend to use data to create social scores, which can be used to make decisions about employment, loans, and insurance. This raises concerns about discrimination and fairness.

The development of new data-collection methods

New methods of collecting data, such as facial recognition and DNA analysis, are raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The lack of resources for data protection

Many organisations, especially small businesses, lack the resources to adequately protect their data. This makes them more vulnerable to data breaches.

Who should attend Global Privacy Day?

Data privacy professionals, including lawyers, compliance officers, and IT security experts and business leaders, who need a clear understanding of the effects data privacy will have on all stakeholders including, customers, employees, and third-party relationships.

  • 25th January 2024 | A Global Livestream Experience