A collaboration project has been announced between two industry-leading security solutions providers that experts say will future-proof digital infrastructures in countries across the Middle East and Africa global region.

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The project, spearheaded by Quantum Xchange will see the encryption and key distribution platform enter into a strategic partnership with Spire Solutions, a distributor and cybersecurity solutions provider servicing organisations throughout Middle East and Africa.

The success of the developments hinge on Quantum Xchange’s Phio Trusted Xchange, an out-of-band key delivery system that allows users to galvanise the security of their data and communications networks in the face of an increasingly sophisticated cyber threat.

Experts also trust the new initiative will address vulnerabilities in current corporate infrastructures by using cutting-edge encryption techniques, thus eliminating keys and data travelling together, and mitigating risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, data harvesting and future quantum attacks on nations in the global sector.

The technology acts as an architecture overlay that operates in tandem with existing and conventional encryption systems, as well as with any TCP/IP connection, whether those are wireless, copper, satellite or fibre, helping to decouple key generation and support delivery from data transmissions.

Further security is brought through Phio TX – a second enhanced encryption key that is sent out-of-band down a separate quantum-protected tunnel and which then meshes networks to multiple transmission points with continuous key rotation taking place on every transfer.

Sanjeev Walia, Founder and President of Spire Solutions, said:

“We are in the early stages of the greatest migration in the history of computing as nearly every organisation in the world will need to update and transition their legacy encryption to new quantum-safe standards.

“Quantum Xchange’s technology greatly eases this burden, offering an affordable and dynamic next-generation key delivery architecture for stronger data security today and quantum-safe protection from future threats,” Walia added.

“We are pleased to have QXC as a partner and to add Phio TX to our portfolio of the world’s best security products and services,” Walia continued.

Eddy Zervigon, CEO of Quantum Xchange, said:

“Spire Solutions has a proven track record successfully introducing new cyber-security solutions to more than 15 countries in its region, making them an ideal partner.

“Spire’s dedicated division focusing on cyber threat intelligence, comprehensive risk protection, and response complements our mission to protect and preserve the digital infrastructure that runs our global economy by bringing to market a standards-based, quantum-ready solution that can easily meet the risk mitigation needs of a business at any time while delivering an infinitely stronger cybersecurity posture to any network environment.”