VIDIZMO’s compliant solutions help organizations proactively protect the personal data they process and prevent unauthorized breaches (Press Release)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in Spring 2018, intending to establish laws to protect the EU citizens’ personal data. This data is in various forms, from employee names and client location data to IP Addresses and even internal videos like recorded online meetings. The intent of this regulation is not to create obstacles for companies. Rather the aim is to create a “privacy-first” culture for all organizations handling data that contains personally identifiable information. 

VIDIZMO facilitates organizations in meeting GDPR compliance requirements for their video data, article 32 in particular.  

GDPR Article 32’s clause 1(b) states, “The ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services.” Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability all require companies to apply relevant access controls in place. A resilient and secure data processing system is crucial for maintaining these controls. 

VIDIZMO provides an enterprise video platform as well as a digital evidence management system, with capabilities to help safeguard video content and fulfill GDPR compliance requirements. Here are some key features of VIDIZMO’s extensive security and access management capabilities: 

  • Role-Based Access Management: VIDIZMO has certain default user roles that organizations can assign to all the employees and other users utilizing this platform. Organizations can also create custom roles if required. These pre-defined user roles can be used to assign and restrict access to content based on which content type is relevant for which user roles. 
  • Content Segregation: VIDIZMO also supports the creation of different user groups. These could be based on different departments or special project teams. These groups can speed up the access management process by directly setting access for an entire group. VIDIZMO also has options to create content categories or entirely autonomous portals. This option can be utilized to segregate sensitive video content like confidential meetings or surveillance footage.  
  • Identity Management: VIDIZMO supports single sign-on integration with multiple identity providers, including directory services like Azure AD, IAM services like OneLogin, and even third-party login providers like Google and Facebook. VIDIZMO also gives a group synchronization option to carry-forward your organization’s pre-existing groups that you may have on your ID Directory. Users can be automatically mapped in these groups as they log into the system. 

Additionally, custom permissions can be set for each user role or group. These include settings permissions as to whether they can view, download, update, report, assign further access, share, embed, or provide feedback on videos.

To utilize these valuable access management features, you can opt for either of VIDIZMO’s products: 

  • EnterpriseTube: an enterprise video content management system with capabilities of handling other types of digital media as well, like audios, images, and documents. It is a live and on-demand video streaming and content management solution for publishing, securing, searching, analyzing, and sharing content while fulfilling all major compliances. 
  • Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS): a secure and compliant central solution to help public safety and law enforcement agencies securely store, segregate, search, analyze and share digital evidence.

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