The partnership will introduce Cybellum’s Cyber Digital Twins platform to the Japanese automotive OEM and suppliers to speed up the WP.29 regulation readiness (Press Release)

Toyota Tsusho, the global business corporation and a prominent member of Toyota group, and Cybellum, the leading Automotive Cybersecurity Risk Assessment solution provider, today announced they had entered into a partnership. The goal is to support Japanese automotive OEMs and suppliers in their race to become UNECE WP. 29 and ISO 21434 compliant.  

Toyota Tsusho will provide the Cybellum Cyber Digital Twins platform to OEMs and automotive suppliers based in Japan. Toyota Tsusho’s deep expertise and rich experience in the automotive industry along with the strong automotive cybersecurity risk assessment expertise of Cybellum combine to create a powerful alliance. This close cooperation will ensure that Cybellum’s Cyber Digital Twins platform is available for the Japanese automotive industry to use, and is tailored to their specific needs.

The Cybellum platform allows for automated vulnerability and risk assessment of vehicles and their software-based connected components. Cybellum platform automatically creates a detailed digital replica of an automotive ECU including its BoM, interfaces, operating systems configuration, encryption mechanism, hardening and mitigation mechanism, API calls and a complete simulated model of the component, all from the firmware alone, with no access to its source code.

The Cyber Digital Twins are used to identify any potential vulnerability or threat within the vehicle’s code, triage and prioritize it in the context of the component and in line with industry standards and regulations. It then provides remediation guidelines in time for the start-of-production (SoP) while continuously monitoring the relevant threat landscape throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.

By adding Cybellum’s platform to our rich set of expertise, Toyota Tsusho will provide an end-to-end solution for automotive OEMs and suppliers, ultimately resulting in the highest levels of vehicle security, both pre- and post-production,” said Mr. Yasuhiro Kakihara, Executive officer of Electronics SBU at Toyota Tsusho. “With industry regulations like UNECE WP.29 soon coming into effect, cybersecurity has become an inherent part of the automotive design and development process so we see great demand for Cybellum’s Cyber Digital Twin platform in Japan.

The cooperation with Toyota Tsusho is an important step for Cybellum Japan,” said Masa Okuda, General Manager of Cybellum. “Toyota Tsusho is a trusted partner of the leading automotive players in Japan. This partnership will ensure that while more software is embedded in their vehicles, for top-notch connectivity and customer experience, the automotive industry in Japan meets the highest security standards and the rigorous demands of the regulations.”

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