Telefónica Tech includes the C2RO PERCEIVE™ solution in its portfolio to complement the space analytics proposal and help companies improve customer experience and resource optimisation (Press Release)

TelefónicaTech today announced a global strategic agreement with Canada’s C2RO to include the C2RO PERCEIVE™ solution in its broad portfolio of IoT and Big Data services aimed at improving customer experience and space efficiency. With this alliance, the two companies will jointly offer this AI-based real-time video analytics software solution, whose application is focused on venues, retail and smart cities in order to establish behavioural patterns that help companies make better decisions about their future strategies.

This solution allows existing surveillance cameras to be reused without the use of personal biometric data. All data is delivered anonymised and then processed and encrypted removing any personally identifiable information, ensuring compliance with the world’s most stringent privacy regulations such as GDPR. C2RO PERCEIVE™ offers the first 360-degree approach in the field of visitor traffic with the highest level of accuracy.

The C2RO PERCEIVE™ solution joins the Smart Steps platform, designed and patented by Telefónica Tech, achieving a unique space analysis value proposition in the market. Smart Steps combines anonymous and aggregated mobile customer data with other behavioural data to generate useful and reliable information, facilitating decision making in order to optimise spaces by improving efficiency and reducing costs. In this way, it offers a global analytics that allows to know the potential and profile of customers or visitors to the area (gender, age, socio-economic level, etc.), how many visit each space and how they behave within it.

According to Gonzalo Martín Villa, CEO of IoT & Big Data at Telefónica Tech, “Our alliance with C2RO reinforces our desire to continue using the capacity of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to achieve better efficiency in the decision making of companies to boost their recovery and growth. At Telefónica Tech we continue to expand our products to have all the necessary solutions to help customers safely accelerate digital transformation in their spaces.

We are very proud to be the official AI Video Analytics Technology provider of Telefonica Tech providing innovative Video Analytics capability to their IoT and Big Data portfolio and always prioritising consumer data protection,” says Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2RO. “Our strategic partnership with Telefónica Tech has significantly accelerated the deployment of C2RO PERCEIVE™ in a wide range of Tier-1 enterprise market segments worldwide,” adds.

The complementarity of both solutions, C2RO PERCEIVE™ and Smart Steps, allows Telefónica Tech to obtain anonymous demographic information based on AI algorithms so that organisations can get to know their customers and visitors better, so that they can offer a more personalised experience; as well as to analyse the flow and movement of people in a space (dwell times, routes, measurement of queues… even with demographic segmentation) and achieve conversion ratios for points of interest or areas. Added to this is the ability to monitor occupancy and evaluate the efficient use of space and understand how visitors or customers interact with the different services or even know if a certain product has been looked at or touched.

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