Tala Detect is an industry-first platform solution specifically designed to secure and control critical, sensitive web data and enable compliance/risk management. (press release)

Numerous third-party integrations power the website supply chain. These integrations have access to critical and sensitive data and have become one of enterprise’s most glaring supply chain blind-spots. Tala Security, the global leader in web application data protection and client-side security, is pleased to announce Tala Detect. An industry-first platform solution specifically designed to secure and control critical, sensitive web data and enable compliance/risk management.

With the onset of regulations and the need for complete visibility, verification and control of private customer and business sensitive data, Tala Detect tracks data across three dimensions: exposure, capture and exfiltration/leakage and provides the means to control it.

  • Sensitive Data Exposure: Which website integrations have access to what sensitive data?
  • Sensitive Data Readers: Which website integrations read sensitive data?
  • Sensitive Data Exfiltration: Which website integrations extract sensitive data?

The Tala Detect platform provides fine-grained data discovery, mapping and information flow analysis to identify sensitive data in forms, network requests, cookies and local/session storage. Synthetic JavaScript virtualization techniques also trace data, identifying complex workflows that can access, read and exfiltrate data, both intentionally and unintentionally. JavaScript risks are further enhanced with domain reputation analysis, leveraging internal and external threat feeds.

Tala Detect provides:

  • Insights into the initiation chain or website calls that ultimately cause leakage of sensitive data.
  • Analytics on risk patterns and Magecart IOC markers, alerting on possible compliance violations, website supply chain risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Safeguarding of sensitive data from unauthorized access by both malicious and trusted third parties, ensuring compliance with data regulations as well as control over all data originating on enterprise web properties and applications.
  • Tala provides invaluable reporting or Compliance/Risk management (CCPA/GDPR) and equips periodic audits, with insights, changes and patterns into website supply chain risk.

Data Privacy Regulatory Compliance is driving enterprises to ensure they can control and safeguard data privacy for sensitive data originating on the web,” said Aanand Krishnan, Founder and CEO at Tala Security. “The modern website, powered by JavaScript, grants permissions and controls to a vast supply chain that very few enterprises have the ability to control. Tala Detect was designed specifically to assist enterprise website owners with ensuring continuous monitoring of data accessibility amongst this website supply chain together with the means to control it.”

With no need for integration into the customer environment, Tala’s actionable alerts and detailed reports ensure ongoing data privacy violation monitoring especially relevant for incident response, SOC, data protection and risk/compliance teams