With a mission to give users data ownership, Rita has launched a data management tool where users can collect, view and take control of their data. (press release)

Rita Personal Data believes users should be in the driving seat of the data-economy. They have launched the first Mobile App that gives users data ownership. Based on the facilitation of data subject rights, users request data from multiple companies, view it in a dashboard and manage access to their personal data.

So much data has been collected that many have recited the phrase: Tech knows users better than they know themselves. Most people are unaware of the information that is being collected and don’t have control over it. Users are left in the dark. 

The Rita App changes this. For the first time, users can see which information is being collected from them and how they are profiled. Users can view their data value, the categories used to target them, when and where they are being tracked, and more.

”You don’t need to be a data engineer to understand your data, Rita makes it accessible to anyone.” said the Co-founder Guglielmo. 

First, the user is presented with a simple dashboard, showing which information large data aggregators like Google and Facebook have gathered on them. Next, the App shows which other companies have access to their data. Users then choose which companies they don’t trust or don’t interact with and Rita makes sure access is restricted.

“For us, it’s all about giving users the choice. Because choice is the liberty we’re missing on the internet.” said the Co-founder John.

The restrict access feature supports users in exercising their GDPR rights, seamlessly. When a user chooses to restrict a company, Rita sends a right to be forgotten request to that company. The company then has 30 days to comply with this request and delete the user’s data. 

Both Rita’s features and name are inspired by the GDPR. The name Rita is derived from the Right To Access, which lies at the core of their mission. Allowing users to choose who can access their data. 

Pioneering in Edge computing, Rita never stores or accesses any personal information the user collects. All personal data is stored securely and locally on the user’s local devices.

From today onwards, the App is available on both Android and iOS. Collecting data, viewing data and managing access is currently available for free. Rita Pro users, still in Beta testing, will be provided with additional convenience, guidance and support.  The solution is completely privacy-safe. 

Rita, is a remote-native Privacy Startup, on a mission to empower users with their data. Fueled by the latest EU Regulations, Rita is the first company to give users complete ownership of their data. The Mobile App, allows users to collect, view and control their data in a central place. The Antwerp based company is Backed by a global and remote team of data enthusiasts. Rita is disrupting the data landscape in the name of the user.

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