New AI-powered tool is the fastest and most accurate way for law firms and LSPs to find personal information and data subjects in compromised data (Press Release)

Organizations today are faced with expanding legal and regulatory obligations and ever-increasing security risks around their data and the data they hold on behalf of others. Exterro, Inc, the preferred provider of Legal GRC software, today announced the launch of Exterro Smart Breach Review, the fastest and most accurate tool for finding and analyzing personal information and data subjects in compromised data. 

Purpose-built for the high-volume, high-speed breach reviews of law firms and legal service providers (LSPs), Smart Breach Review uses artificial intelligence (AI) and continuous learning technology to scan complex data and instantly identify patterns. It detects the presence of multiple types of personal data, including personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, and protected health information (PHI), and it discovers whose information it is. 

Organizations using Smart Breach Review can also develop custom PII definitions to conform to various industry and jurisdictional standards. The solution automatically correlates multiple types of personal information to find all unique data subjects, grouping personal information by data subject and even detecting identities without names or master data. It also automates the production of reporting data.

Speed and accuracy are of the utmost importance when conducting large breach reviews,” said Exterro Founder and CEO Bobby Balachandran. “Historically, organizations have tried to create their own cobbled-together solutions or repurpose technology not built for the task to understand, report on, and mitigate data breaches. The result was slow ingestion, processes that don’t scale, and inflexible data definitions that cannot detect emerging and important data types like PHI. With Exterro Smart Breach Review, our customers can now complete even the largest breach reviews in less time using fewer resources. The software’s AI-led identification and automated report data generation also significantly reduce the potential for errors and omissions.”

Exterro Smart Breach Review features massive scalability with the ability to accommodate terabytes of data and up to 1,000 simultaneous reviewers. With linearly scalable ingestion, it achieves speeds 33 times faster than competing products. The neural network AI learns during every review and immediately shows what it has learned to the reviewer. All findings are retained in subsequent reviews, so the entire system gets smarter over time to ensure maximum review efficiency. 

Exterro Smart Breach Review can tailor performance and cost efficiency to each job,” said Ray Pathak, Vice President of Data Privacy at Exterro. “It is a highly secure SaaS solution that isolates data from each client, and its unique proprietary architecture is both horizontally and linearly scalable. Smart Breach Review is a win-win for both service providers and their clients, delivering faster responses and more efficient processes.”


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