Dutch tech scale ups INDICA and filerskeepers announce a new partnership and introduce a technology breakthrough in the world of privacy: Global Automated Legal Data Retention. This enables organisations to automatically find documents and data that need to be deleted according to any type of regulation. (press release)

Part of the data lifecycle is assessing risks and to delete files once they are no longer needed. If data is not managed: hidden data leads to hidden risks. If kept beyond the lifecycle this will lead to unnecessary complexity and costs, forcing your highly paid staff to search for accurate info. Companies often consider that it is impossible to meaningfully know applicable data retention obligations, let alone implement legal retention obligations to unstructured databases and complex IT systems. The introduction of Global Automated Legal Data Retention combines the strength of data discovery, data classification and data retention of the INDICA platform with the up to date knowledge of national and regional retention laws and policies indexed by filerskeepers.

The partnership enables an organisations’ entire data landscape to be indexed, classified and mapped for personal (un)structured data. INDICA highlights all personal data which is evaluated against the legal retention obligations indexed by filerskeepers, enhanced by new insights as to where personal data is hidden within the organisation, which documents are redundant, obsolete and trivial and who has access to these documents. It enables to have an automated control on how long certain documents and data needs to be stored or deleted by rule of law, and also to take action according to these retention rules in an automated way.

“At INDICA we are very proud that our partnership with filerskeepers will not only enable organisations to automatically discover and process all their privacy related documents in (un)structured data sources, but also to comply with relevant specific local data retention rules in an automated way,” says Willem Tacken, CCO of INDICA.

The world’s largest companies trust INDICA to mitigate their risks and get grip on their data landscape from a data discovery and data life cycle management perspective. Moreover, some of the 4 biggest consultancy firms apply INDICA for their customers. From a data governance point of view INDICA enables organisations understand four things: Where is my data?, What is in my data?, How old is my data?, and who has access to the data?.

At the same time legaltech filerskeepers is on its way to becoming the world’s most favoured repository of legal data retention obligations and solutions among national and international corporates. filerskeepers helps companies understand what the law says and to make meaningful choices on the basis of the law.

By combining the insights INDICA brings with regards to the data processed by organisations and the legal retention obligations, data retention finally is no longer a theoretical exercise. With the filerskeepers’ integration organisations are now able to execute data retention effectively within INDICA by automating the follow-up on the retentions schemes and deleting data after review.

Founder and CTO of INDICA Pieter Scherpenhuijsen: “For big organisations nowadays it is a key challenge to globally be in control of the privacy data within their data landscape and to be compliant per country or region simultaneously. By combining the power of INDICA and filerskeepers we created an innovation which serves the local law on a global level and the compliancy and data retention objectives within organisations on global level and act on local level. It creates great efficiency with a purpose.”

Wanne Pemmelaar, CEO and co-founder of filerskeepers: “The partnership between filerskeepers and INDICA is truly unique. It ensures international organizations that they have full control on their retention policies according to the law and to take action in an automated way despite which format, data source or local law. filerskeepers is particularly fan of INDICA’s ability to relate data to user identities which allows for more accurate and compliant retention.”

This solution will be available to customers from April 2021.

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