BlackCloak continues to grow its team of advisors and cybersecurity experts to tackle the problem of at-home executive protection. (press release)

BlackCloak, Inc., the cybersecurity industry’s first Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ protection platform for Executives and High-Profile Individuals, today announced the appointment of cybersecurity expert Malcolm Harkins to its Advisory Board. Harkins brings a depth of experience and operational understanding on the challenges CISOs face as they try to protect the home networks and personal devices of C-Suite executives, board members, and other senior leaders.

Harkins is best known for his roles as the chief security and trust officer at Cylance and vice president and chief security and privacy officer at Intel Corporation where he was responsible for managing the risk, controls, privacy, security, and other compliance activities for all of Intel’s information assets, products, and services. Currently, Harkins serves in the same role at Cymatic.

A respected speaker, author and award winner, Harkins is a sought-after advisor and executive coach to CISOs in a wide variety of information risk roles. He has been recognized by numerous cybersecurity organizations, including being named one of the Premier Information Technology Leaders by Computerworld. He was also recognized by the RSA Conference with the Excellence in the Field of Security award. Harkins is a Fellow with the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, a non-partisan think-tank providing advice on cybersecurity to the House, Senate, and a variety of federal agencies. An avid contributor to the cybersecurity community, Harkins has authored numerous white papers and has published a book, Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable®.

“Malcolm is an internationally known and respected cybersecurity leader and we are honored to have him join our advisory board. Malcolm is a key addition to our team and we are thrilled to have his guidance and insight as he has been in the trenches trying to solve the issue of executive protection for many years. His participation on our advisory board sends a clear signal that our approach and vision is the right one.”

said Chris Pierson, CEO & founder, BlackCloak.

“It is a privilege to work with Chris and the team of experts he has assembled. I have known Chris for years as a fellow CISO and we both have shared the pain of trying to protect executives and other key personnel in their personal lives. This is a problem that until recently has been without a solution that delivers clear value and peace of mind for every CISO. I could not be more thrilled to work with this team.”

said Malcolm Harkins.

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