We’re amid a surge in the use of generative AI, and this momentum is only set to build as we move into 2024.

Three AI Trends Shaping Cybersecurity in 2024

But the process is posing increasing challenges, putting organisations of all sizes under unprecedented pressure to develop the right skills, systems and approaches to mitigate risk and bolster cyber defences.

Below are three AI focus points for privacy professionals to be aware of through the coming months:

Expect major AI-related cyber incidents

AI and intelligent automation are already pushing productivity through the roof. However, the dynamic is spawning security compromises, with a noticeable inverse relationship between the popularity of open-source AI/ML projects and their security robustness.

Experts project AI will play a pivotal role in cybersecurity by helping chiefs to identify security flaws in code and configurations. However, developers should exercise caution and employ the technology to flag up risk, rather than relying on AI to make autonomous decisions.

Blind spots will push up risk

Shifting their gaze towards AI systems through 2024, threat actors will continue to discover innovative ways to target organisations. Typically, this will involve exploiting weaknesses in newly-acquired AI methodologies and taking advantage of vulnerabilities caused by employees using unapproved AI tools.

While use-cases are growing at pace, security teams are finding themselves increasingly stretched as they push to understand threat models and monitor applications designed to get inside business systems. This lack of oversight is putting corporate data at unprecedented risk of illegal extraction.

Businesses will need to conduct thorough internal reviews to identify where AI has an infrastructural presence, both authorised and unauthorised. From here, teams should calculate risk posture and build strategy that prioritises security and maximises value.

Escalation of phishing and malware

AI is already adding complexity to established risks of phishing and malware, with generative tools giving fraudsters new advantages. Criminals can now orchestrate attacks of unprecedented sophistication through the crafting of highly personalised phishing attacks and intricate email campaigns designed to trick even the most diligent staff member.

Dark web-based AI techniques amplify these dangers, with criminals utilising deep-fake strikes and exercising large-scale social engineering in order to undermine trust and control popular emotion.

Know the risks

The AI landscape in 2024 presents a dichotomy of opportunities and risks, underscoring the imperative for organisations to embrace change with vigilance and strategic acumen.

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