The latest research by Tessian shows that while women in cybersecurity industries feel the pandemic has been positive for their careers, men aged 18-25 are still far more likely to choose it as a career option than women of the same age.

In addition, 45% of the global workforce is made up of women, but that falls as low as 25% in the tech space and even further to 15-20% in governance, risk and compliance. However, women tend to be great leaders in GRC.

In a recent survey it found that women leaders are more likely to have skills related to diffusing emotions, collaborating across multiple stakeholders and balancing business objectives with risk management.

This panel session of female leaders within GRC, will look at how their careers developed and the skills that are important in GRC and other risk management roles.

Speakers Include:

  • Chair: Shoshana Rosenberg, Founder and CEO, Safeporter
  • Lindsay Law, Head of Audit, Natwest
  • Oonagh van den Berg, Director, Hong Kong Office Lead
  • Holly Butterworth, UK Head of Delivery, Camms.