Journalist and bestselling author of ‘Moneyland’ and ‘Butler to the World’

Oliver Bullough is a journalist and author from Wales who moved in 1999 to Russia to work as a journalist. He worked first for local newspapers in St Petersburg and Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), then for Reuters. He stayed in Moscow, mainly reporting on the war in Chechnya, until 2006.

Since leaving Reuters, he has written three books. The first - Let Our Fame be Great - is about the peoples of the North Caucasus, and his travels to find their scattered communities. The second -The Last Man in Russia - is a biography of a dissident Orthodox priest, whose life closely mirrors that of the Russian nation in the 20th century, and sheds light on the demographic tragedy of modern Russia.

The third is called Moneyland, and tells the story of how the world’s super-rich have broken free of democratic control, and formed their own nomadic global community.

oliver bullough

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