“Off-Grid Workflow” for AML and CLM

FinCrime World Forum 2021 Welcome

It is extremely rare to find an organisation at can claim that its CLM and AML processes have become more efficient and cost-effective over the last ten years.

FinCrime World Forum 2021: On-Demand Session

“Off-Grid Workflow” for AML and CLM

Unless your organisation was established in the last few years it is extremely likely that your client lifecycle management (CLM) infrastructure will be less than optimal. Islands of isolated data in both business lines and geographies, disjointed workflows across multiple systems and significant amounts of manual processing are all common problems.

Coupled with this complex financial crime and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements across multiple jurisdictions are not effectively supported and there is duplication of effort.

This talk will look at the operating model for CLM and AML and the ways in which compliance can be achieved efficiently.